Prepress balers

Our innovative prepress technology creates consistent, high density bales. More than that, it cuts transport costs and uses significantly less power than conventional balers, improving your operational efficiency and reducing your impact on the environment. All our LP Series balers feature Presona’s unique prepress technology.

Using our prepress system, your baler will no longer cut off excess material. Instead it will rely on an initial pre-compression step to achieve the best bales.

This is how the prepress technology works

How the prepress works

  1. The prepress and main press are in the starting position. Material fills the main press chamber and hopper.
  2. The prepress descends, compressing the material with downward force, ensuring the chamber is fully filled.
  3. The main horizontal ram compresses the material using maximum force. The press chamber is closed = no knives required to cut off material. While steps 2 and 3 are taking place, material continues to fill the hopper.
  4. Compression continues until the pre-set bale length is reached. Bale strapping begins.
  5. The prepress opens and material from the hopper fills the chamber again. A new press cycle starts.

The prepress technology

  • makes knives on the main press unnecessary
  • guarantees an even density throughout the bale = square bales
  • makes it possible to bale material without using a shredder (e.g. large cardboard boxes)
  • makes it possible to bale most recyclables in good shaped bales
  • gives low service- and maintenance costs
  • eliminates the need to keep shear blades sharp and well adjusted. A worn or badly adjusted shear blade will not cut properly, especially critical when baling plastic foil
  • eliminates the need for auxiliary equipment when pressing recyclables – the material stays in the press chamber without extra “force“ because of the two-ways compaction.

In short, the prepress technology will give you

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Consistent bales.
  • Higher volume capacity per cycle.
  • Less wear and tear.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.

The two-step prepress

One of our baler versions, LP 110 DH, has a really big feed opening (over 2 meters) for effective baling of bulky material. These really big feed openings requires a special two-step prepress, in order to limit the height of the baler.

The feed opening can also be adjusted to ensure highest possible compaction ratio and the correct bale length when baling heavy material.

When you set the baler to bale heavy material, both prepress and main ram are half way into the press chamber, thus reducing the press chamber volume by 50%. With this function your baler is truly versatile and will make a perfect bale whether you bale bulky and light material or heavy and compact material.