Baler Options & Accessories

Customize your baler

Presona does not produce off the shelf balers. We know that everyone´s requirements are unique. That is why we work with you to tailor your system so that it fits your process perfectly.  Some of the baler options we offer are:

Energy & communication

Variable frequency drive

A variable frequency drive will help optimize power use when the baler is waiting for more material to compress, which lowers energy consumption. More information about energy-efficiency.

Energy meter

Energy meter that can display energy, power, current and more. It can also display the energy consumption per bale.


Enables signal exchange between two separate Profinet networks, for example a SCADA system and a baler.

Materials & function

Inspection platforms

With the help of inspection platforms, your production staff can safely access the baler for service and maintenance work.

Control pedestal

You can place a control pedestal where it suits the business best.

Baler with wear plates, hardox

Waste design (wear plates)

Waste design for durability when baling abrasive and hard-wearing materials.

Support legs

Support legs for easier cleaning and access under the bale.

Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts adapted to every need.

Material distributor

Material distributor for uniform bales from heavy and compact materials.

PET bottle perforator

PET bottle perforator for high-density bales when baling PET bottles and other plastic containers.

Wire & tying

Cross strapping unit

Unit for strapping the bale from a second direction – in order to get high bale density when baling expanding materials like plastic.

Automatic wire break monitor

An automatic wire break monitor will indicate on the control panel if there is a break in the wire or if the baler is out of wire.

Wire holders

Wire holders to keep wire coils in place.

Combustible strapping media

Combustible strapping media for baling RDF and SRF.

Safety and work environment

Protection system from U-Tech

The system consists of a transmitter for staff to wear and a receiver mounted on the conveyor belt. If any staff member falls onto the conveyor belt the system will stop the machine.

Jumbo display

Large digital display to show bale length and error control indications.

Remote control for conveyor belt

Make working with the baler easier by installing a remote control. The remote control makes it possible to stop the belt temporarily or permanently. The control can also be used for customer-unique functions.

The accessories and options on this page are a selection of what we offer. Once we’ve analyzed your specific needs and requirements, we’ll put together a baler proposal with required or recommended accessories and options.

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