Channel balers from Presona

With a channel baler from Presona you will get consistent, high density bales which will decrease your transport costs. Also, our balers with prepress technology uses less energy than conventional balers. This will reduce your impact on the environment and lower your operational costs.

What material do you want to compact?

Do you want to bale cardboard, aluminium, plastic film, hollow containers, plastic bottles, mixed paper, newspaper, packaging waste, RDF, SRF, municipal waste or some other material? We can help you.

What does your company do?

Whether your business is recycling, manufacturing, logistics or something else that requires materials compacting, there is a Presona baling machine that suits your needs!

A little or a lot to bale – we have the right channel baler!

Depending on the model and configuration of the baler our machines have a throughput of 4 to 55 tonnes per hour. All Presona balers are automatic balers.

See all our balers.

Presona LP 85 prepress channel baler in front Presona headquarters in Sweden

Presona LP 85 channel baler.

The prepress technology channel balers – better bales and less energy usage

With our prepress system your baler will no longer cut off excess material. Instead it will rely on an initial pre-compression step to achieve the best bales. With a prepress the baler will use all of its power for compaction and thereby reducing the energy usage significantly compared to a shear baler. This technology also gives you more consistent bales. Learn more about our Prepress Technology.

Proven quality – all around the world

We have been designing, producing and maintaining balers since the 1940’s and have a large network of resellers around the globe. There are Presona horizontal balers in more than 65 countries and they have all been built to the highest standard in our factory in southern Sweden.

Among our customers you will find companies such as Stena Recycling, DS Smith, Smurfit Kappa, Stadler, ASDA, Biffa, Tesco, COOP, XPO Logistics, DHL, Honda, P&G, Eggersmann, Suez, Shop Direct, Eco-City and many more.

How to understand our model names

Explanation of Presona's model names

Model names can also include designations for options, such as K for cross strapping, F for polypropylene strings and WD for waste design (exhangeable wear plates).


EP 40 OH

The EP 40 OH is a baler developed for the printing, packaging and graphic industry, but can of course be used for other applications as well. The baler is typically fed by means of a pneumatic feeding system and is the only Presona baler without prepress. The EP [...]
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    LP 50

    The LP 50 baler is suitable for baling operations with small to medium throughput requirements. Thanks to the compact footprint is is easy to fit into existing premises. The LP 50 can process up to 25 tonnes/hour and has a combined press force of 75 [...]
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      LP 60

      The LP 60 is a very powerful little baler and will do the job for most recyclers! It can compact most materials and can be equipped with a cross strapping unit. The LP 60 can process up to 30 tonnes/hour or more and has a combined press force of 85 [...]
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        LP 85

        The LP 85 baler is a high performance baler with exemplary robustness. This bestselling baling machine has a reputation for being able to keep up with high level requirements in the toughest environments. The LP 85 with an added cross strapping unit is the perfect [...]
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          LP 110

          This baler is ideal for high-material throughput applications. The LP 110 baling press is, like all our models, extremely robust, reliable and durable. The baler is available in four different versions – with two feed opening sizes and two bale [...]
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            MP 270 MH “Mega”

            The Presona MP 270 MH, nicknamed “Mega” is the most powerful baler we make. This baler is intended for recycling and sorting plants or other businesses that bale large quantities of material. It is built using a revolutionary new design concept that creates super-high [...]
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