If you think baler maintenance is expensive, try a breakdown!

Your baler is a big investment with an important job: Recycling. It should be treated accordingly to be able to help your company in the best way possible.

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We all need some tender loving care to do well in life and that goes for balers too. Treat your baling equipment as a dear friend and you will be building a lasting relationship without expensive disappointments. You and your business have everything to gain by making sure that your baler works effectively and without problems.

A machine that is cleaned and maintained regularly:

  • has fewer unscheduled stops
  • has better performance
  • lasts longer
  • is safer for your staff

It’s a win-win-win-win situation! You save money and create a safer work environment in the process.

In this article, we will share our best advice on how to care for your baler in an easy and effective manner. The advice applies to all balers, regardless of baler manufacturer.

Keep the baler clean

Baling equipment is usually installed in a tough environment and it comes with the territory that you end up with a lot of production waste on and around the baler. The baler is of course built to handle tough work environments but no machine (or relationship for that matter) can last forever if it is not kept tidy. The baler should be cleaned daily and while doing that you should also check the condition of vital components. It is also important to lubricate the machine at the predetermined intervals, using the correct greasing media. Check the baler’s manual for instructions on care and maintenance.

If possible, keep enough space around the machine to make cleaning easy. By keeping the space surrounding the baler clean you also make it easier to access hatches, doors and control panels.

It is especially important that all safety features are in good working order. A baling press that is not properly maintained can pose a danger to your staff and other people in the facility.

Check your configurations

Ensure best baler performance by regularly checking that the machine is configured correctly. A modern baler should be equipped with a control system making it easy to, for example, change from one baling material to another. It is of utmost importance to keep the machine configured correctly and thereby ensuring that both baling capacity and bale weight is upheld. If someone without the proper knowledge changes the configurations of your baler you risk getting a machine that can not function properly. A baler that is not performing the way it is supposed to will cost you both time and money: It will use more time creating bales and more baling wire. You will end up with more roundtrips with the forklift and lower weight on each truck. Money, money, money.

Inform and educate

Having a well trained, well informed and motivated staff is a good way of making sure that your baler is performing at its best. It also reduces the risk of accidents! The environment in a baling facility is full of safety hazards that can be avoided if the staff knows how to work safely with the baler. A staff member who feels confident about his/her job has a much greater chance of contributing to good baler performance than one who doesn’t.


A service agreement can be worth its weight in gold. Literally! Having a professional service technician regularly do preventive maintenance on your machine is a good investment! That we can assure you. Long gone are the days when maintenance and service were looked upon as nothing more than a cost. Modern, sustainable companies just can not afford to neglect their equipment.

Here’s a simple recipe for profitable baler operations

  • Dedicated management
  • Well-trained and informed staff (who knows the value of cleaning)
  • Follow maintenance and service protocols (to the letter)
  • Have a service agreement with an authorized service provider

= A safe, problem free and profitable operation

Love your baler! It deserves it!

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