Pressing force does not equal output (Baling myth 2)

Pressing force does not equal output (Baling myth 2)

So, you want a 100-tonne baler? Sure, we can help you with that. But I must ask: Is it really a baler with a pressing force of 100 tonnes you want? Or is it a baler with a high output? Pressing force [...] Read more »
Why optimal bale weight is better than heaviest bale weight

The heavier the bale, the better (Baling myth 1) 

(This is part one of a three-part series on baling myths.) We sometimes get inquiries about balers capable of making the heaviest bales possible. We advise against this type of thinking. Instead, we [...] Read more »
How to calculate baler cost

How much does a baler really cost?

Learn how to calculate the life cycle cost of any baler Buy the right baler, and you can save so much money that the machine will be “free of charge!” Don’t believe me? Continue reading, and I [...] Read more »