Service Contracts

Your Presona installation works day in, day out, often under tough conditions and with high demands on reliability and safety. Unexpected stoppages very often result in big trouble, delayed deliveries, heaps of unprocessed material, annoyed personnel.  The list of problems following sudden malfunctions can be made much longer…

Presona can help you avoid costly shutdowns.  Through planned, preventive maintenance you will always be one step ahead.  Powerful and dependable equipment is the foundation of maximum utilization of resources.  Our extensive service organisation in combination with scheduled, preventive maintenance offer best possible guarantee for a long life for your Presona Equipment.

We offer
  • Troublefree operation
  • Highest possible safety for operating personnel
  • Eliminates panic actions and expensive spare parts shippings
  • Longest possible lifetime for your Presona installation
Other services


The Presona service team, a warranty for professional installation!

Presona Original Parts

Always use Presona original parts for best possible performance!

If you think baler maintenance is expensive, try a breakdown!