Baler Options & Accessories

Customize your baler

Presona does not produce off the shelf balers. From experience, we know that everyone´s requirements are unique. Which is why we work with you to tailor your system so that it fits your process perfectly.  Some of the baler options we offer are:

  • inspection platforms for safe access for your operating personnel
  • large digital display to show bale length and error control indications
  • material distributor for uniform bales of heavy and compact materials
  • PET bottle perforator for high density bales when baling PET bottles and plastic containers
  • frequency control system to even further reduce energy consumption
  • support legs for easier cleaning and access under the baler
  • wire holders to keep wire coils in Place
  • automatic wire break monitor indicates broken wire or out of wire on the control panel
  • combustible strapping media available for baling RDF and SRF
  • waste design for durability when baling abrasive and hard wearing materials
  • feeding conveyor systems

This list can be made much longer. When we have analyzed your specific requirements, we will put together a proposal for a suitable baler model with required and recommended options to safeguard the best possible performance of the baling system.

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Schematic of Presona baler options