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    Presona baler saves 30 percent energy

    Save 30 percent on energy with a Presona baler

    Electricity costs have always been a large part of the operating cost [...]
    Presona baler LP 12 in IFAT 2022 stand

    Trade show report: “Many questions about the Mega baler”

    – Lots of people, lots of great talks, and many questions about our [...]
    Presona Mega - a new kind of baler

    Want to make baling cheaper? We’ll show you how at IFAT 2022

    The MP 270 MH has a completely new baler design which will reduce [...]

    New baler cutting system saves on costs

    As most baler operators know replacing the cutting knives that cut [...]

    Presona UK helps Co-op reduce carbon footprint

    The two LP50 EH1 ECC balers uses Presona’s pre-press knowhow to [...]