More bales for your money!

MP 270 MH "MEGA" - A New Kind of Baler

Making recycling cheaper

Our new super high capacity baler makes recycling cheaper. The MP 270 MH baler can replace multiple smaller balers at a considerably lower cost. 

Super high capacity explained:

Two jobs at the same time

By pre-compacting the material to 200 kg/m3 and making finished bales at the same time, the baler achieves super high capacity*. (*Real, tested capacity.)


Software for self-optimization ensures that the baler always is operating optimally and reduces the need for human operators. 

Features of MP 270 MH

  • Super high capacity
  • Multimaterial (with special program for PET)
  • Short pigtails
  • Big feed opening
  • Low build
  • Low system cost
  • Low lifetime cost

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