Cardboard balers

Presona is a leading manufacturer of cardboard balers for recycling. Our balers are versatile and durable, designed to handle different types of materials, including OCC. Moreover, all Presona balers are energy-saving machines that can help reduce waste and save money for you.

Overview of Presona cardboard balers for sale

We offer a range of horizontal balers for cardboard recycling, including the LP Series and MP Series. These balers are designed to handle different volumes of cardboard OCC and other materials.

Presona balers are designed to be efficient and reliable. They are built to last and can handle heavy-duty applications. Presona balers are easy to operate and maintain, which can help reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Features of Presona balers for Cardboard/OCC

Presona balers are designed with features that make them ideal for baling OCC. These features include:


Presona balers are versatile and durable cardboard balers that are ideal for baling Cardboard and other materials. They are energy-saving cardboard balers that can help reduce waste and save money. When choosing the right baler for your OCC needs, it is important to consider the volume of cardboard waste generated and the size of the bales required.

Please see information about our baler models below. Read more.

What is Cardboard?

Cardboard, sometimes called Old Corrugated Cardboard or OCC, is a material that is relatively easy to compact. Cardboard is a useful and versatile packaging material. OCC is easy to recycle or reuse if it is clean. Cardboard boxes are used in many industries, including retail, manufacturing, and logistics.

Cardboard recycling balers are used to compress cardboard into bales for easy storage and transportation. These balers come in different sizes and types, including horizontal cardboard balers and heavy-duty cardboard baler machines.

LP 50

The LP 50 baler is suitable for baling operations with small to medium throughput requirements. Thanks to the compact footprint is is easy to fit into existing premises. The LP 50 can process up to 25 tonnes/hour and has a combined press force of 75 [...]
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    LP 60

    The LP 60 is a very powerful little baler and will do the job for most recyclers! It can compact most materials and can be equipped with a cross strapping unit. The LP 60 can process up to 30 tonnes/hour or more and has a combined press force of 85 [...]
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      LP 85

      The LP 85 baler is a high performance baler with exemplary robustness. This bestselling baling machine has a reputation for being able to keep up with high level requirements in the toughest environments. The LP 85 with an added cross strapping unit is the perfect [...]
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        LP 110

        This baler is ideal for high-material throughput applications. The LP 110 baling press is, like all our models, extremely robust, reliable and durable. The baler is available in four different versions – with two feed opening sizes and two bale [...]
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          MP 270 MH “Mega”

          The Presona MP 270 MH, nicknamed “Mega” is the most powerful baler we make. This baler is intended for recycling and sorting plants or other businesses that bale large quantities of material. It is built using a revolutionary new design concept that creates super-high [...]
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