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Low operating costs pay for the baler - learn more below

How can the baler be free*?

*The lower operating costs of a Presona pre-press baler, compared to a shear baler with the same performance, will within a few years save you as much money as the purchase price of your Presona baler.

Lower operating costs of a Presona baler

Less energy

A pre-press baler uses smaller motors (less energy) than a shear baler to achieve the same result.

Less wire

Presona’s tying technology uses 10% less wire than many other balers – you can save up to 4 meters of wire per bale!

Long service life

Many Presona balers are in operation 20-30 years or more. More years = more savings

Four examples

Every year you use a Presona baler instead of a shear baler with the same performance, you save money. In the examples below, you can see how quickly your baling press pays for itself.

(Payback 20% higher price = Break even-point for the slightly higher purchase price of a Presona baler.)

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