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    Company policy

    We must be known for

    • Guiding the customers to the correct equipment
    • Manufacturing to specification regarding function, quality and environmental considerations.
    • Delivering equipment at the agreed time.
    • Providing repair-, maintenance- and spare parts service to reduce customer´s downtime to a minimum.
    • Providing equipment that enables rational and effective waste handling and increases material recovery.
    • Providing quality and accessibility to satisfy our customers to make sure they will stay with us and recommend us.

    We accomplish this by

    • Designing equipment that fulfils the requirements for performance, reliability and safe use.
    • Having a responsive and learning organisation continually striving to improve products and services.
    • Constantly increasing efficiency in the usage of raw material, resources and energy.
    • Observing existing laws and regulations.
    • Actively practise a systematic working environmental work to obtain a physically, mentally and socially sound place of work for all our employees, where potential work injuries and work related health problems are pursued and averted.

    Stefan Ekström


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