Presona baler LP 12 in IFAT 2022 stand

Trade show report: “Many questions about the Mega baler”

– Lots of people, lots of great talks, and many questions about our MP 270 MH “Mega” baler, says Presona CEO Stefan Ekström when he sums up the super big trade show IFAT that was held 30 May – 3 June.

IFAT takes place every two years in Munich, Germany, but with the 2020 edition being canceled because of the pandemic everyone was curious about how the 2022 version would turn out. The result: Very good!

Presona had (as always) a stand at the trade show, this time featuring both the new high-performance Mega baler and a museum piece – a 1971 LP 12 prepress baler. The LP 12 was the first baler model that Presona made with a prepress. The prepress has since become a hallmark of Presona and all of the balers in the LP Series feature the prepress.

LP 12 early Presona prepress baler

Timeline of Presona's history

A timeline of Presona’s history starting in 1899.

Stefan Ekström is very happy with the amount of interest stand visitors had about the Mega baler.

Stefan Ekström in front of LP 12 baler

Stefan Ekström, CEO of Presona AB.

– We had lots of questions about the new baler. Many people wanted to know more about the new design concept and how it could benefit their businesses. We had a lot of great talks, says Stefan.

Another positive takeaway from IFAT was the visitor numbers.

– We had many visitors to the stand that were genuinely interested in our products and had specific questions about specific balers and how they could fulfill their needs. That’s a very good result for us, says Stefan Ekström.

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