Presona UK helps Co-op reduce carbon footprint

Recycling machinery manufacturer Presona has helped UK ethical retailer Co-op further reduce its carbon footprint with the installation of two new balers and Presona UK built conveyors at the firm’s Avonmouth and Andover Distribution Centers.

The two LP50 EH1 ECC balers uses Presona’s pre-press knowhow to process cardboard and plastic on the same baler and uses the latest technology to ensure optimum energy efficiency when compared to shear balers. Co-op will use the balers to compact the recovered store materials for recycling and reuse into new films and boxes – a complete circular loop which in 2019 forms an integral part of the recycling retail supply chain.

Fewer lorry movements

The production of materials compacted through these balers support the Co-op in reducing the number of lorry movements in moving materials to recycling centers and mills around the UK.

Presona UK’s Projects Manager Richard Gould fully oversaw the installation of the balers and conveyor’s working with Co-op to do this is in a timely and safe manner in line with CDM regulations.

Co-op – a UN campaign signatory

The Co-op Group said the installation had been seamless and they were looking forward to seeing the positive environmental impact the baler would have on Co-op’s recycling statistics – and working with the Presona business more in 2020. Co-op is the first British retailer to become a signatory of the UN’s ‘Our Only Future’ campaign at its Climate Action Summit in New York. Following Co-op’s announcement earlier this year, this initiative calls upon global businesses to make critical contributions to help cap global temperature increases to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, and are committed to further reductions in its Green House Gas emissions of 50% by 2025.

Co-op pride themselves on being as environmentally-friendly as possible, from reducing single-use plastics to supporting Fair Trade products. The Presona balers will make a huge difference to Co-op’s recycling efforts, using less energy to compact cardboard and plastic waste from their stores and enable them to reduce the number of truck-loads needed to take the same amount of material to the recycling plant.

Presona care and support

Presona will support Co-op in enabling their sites to become more efficient and further reduce their carbon footprint. As well as manufacturing and installing the baler, Presona, whose UK business is based in Bridgwater, Somerset, will continue to provide after-sales care and support to Co-op.

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