One of Russia’s biggest recovered paper companies trusts Presona balers to get great compaction

With 15 000 tonnes of recovered paper being collected and baled every month, Lublinskoe LLC in Moscow is one of the biggest companies of its kind in Russia. The job of baling these huge material volumes is entrusted to three Presona LP 140 CH1 balers; the latest being installed in the summer of 2016.

Lublinskoe collects recovered paper, mainly cardboard but also books, newspapers and magazines, in and around the Moscow area. The material is brought to the facility, where it is baled and shipped by train or truck to the buyers. Most buyers are cardboard manufacturers and cellulose companies in Russia, but Lublinskoe also supplies recovered paper to companies in the CIS countries and in the EU.

In the summer of 2016 the latest Presona LP 140 CH1 baler was delivered and put into operation.

– We needed to replace an old Presona baler and since we are very happy with the Presona equipment, we decided to buy another one. We didn’t even look at balers from other manufacturers, says Leonid Ageev, Technical Manager of the 25 000 m2 recovered paper facility.

Much of Lublinskoe’s bales are transported from the facility by train and bale weight is a key success factor for a profitable operation. At the Lublinskoe loading dock, up to 63 tonnes of OCC is loaded in the railway carriage, a condition for a viable transportation cost level.

– Presona balers help us achieve bales with high weight while at the same time being fully automatic, easy to use and maintain and long lasting. That’s just what we are looking for in a baler, says Leonid Ageev.

As all the LP Series range models, the LP 140 CH1 baler incorporates Presona’s unique prepress technology. When compared to a shear baler, the prepress technology delivers a significant reduction in energy costs as all of the power is utilized for the compaction process. The Presona baling technology means a smooth operation and the balers suffer less wear and tear and emit less noise than most traditional balers.

Company Facts: Lublinskoe LLC

Founded: 1999 (origins from 1984 as part of the city of Moscow’s recycling services)
CEO: Lija Murmanovna Bashashkina
Business: Collection and processing of recovered paper
Main market: Russia
Facility: 25 000 m2 in Moscow with sorting line and railway- and truck loading docks
Balers: Currently three LP 140 CH1. First Presona baler delivered in the 1980’s.

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