Reliability and prepress technology deciding factors when Stena Recycling chose Presona

Stena Recycling in Kristianstad, Sweden, is featuring a new Presona LP 100 DH4S baler, increasing its baling capacity and ensuring production with a minimum of stoppages.

Stena Recycling’s Kristianstad facility is one of the company’s 165 recycling plants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland and manages a wide variety of materials from municipal and business collections.

It was when the recycling giant consolidated the two facilities in Kristianstad, in southern Sweden, that the need for a new baler became evident. The old baler, also delivered by Presona, was to be retired after a long and efficient service and a new baler with higher capacity was needed.

– We are very happy with Presona and the reliability delivered by its balers. The baler is the heart of our facility and it needs to work. All the time. We are also seeing an increase in the use of light materials, like plastics, and Presonas prepress technology helps us in getting good bales with high weight, says Christoffer Thuresson, facility administrator.

The LP 100 DH4S baler was installed in November 2015 and is being used to compact recycled cardboard, paper, plastics and various other materials. It has a combined press force of 150 tonnes and has a throughput of up to 20 tonnes per hour (for cardboard).

With the baler being used for around 20 different materials (cardboard being the most frequent) the LP 100 DH4S is readjusted for a new material up to four times daily.

– With Presona’s pre-programmable control systems readjusting the baler is easy and we are sure to get optimized bales every time, says Christoffer Thuresson.

After more than half a year of production with the new baler facility manager Jonas Ahlström sums it up:

– We are very pleased! The baler is reliable and the service level is high and very professional!

Learn more about the LP Series.

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