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Presona och Solen i Frankrike

Publicerad: 30 oktober, 2013 av Jesper Hultqvist |

Mr Loiseau:  SOLEN became very soon a company for global solutions to improve environnement and logistic for waste « inside » and « outside » industry segment. In 2007, SOLEN directs its main activity at the requests of its customers, to supply the technical solutions, for reducing the environnemental impact of business waste. SOLEN decided then to supply the global range of materials to answer the different customers requests. To built its range, SOLEN chosen to work in very close partnership with known and recognized brands in the world of waste (PRESONA is one of these serious partners, and SOLEN is really proud of this new partnership).

SOLEN is also manufacturer for its own range of monobloc and stationary, to complement the global range without compet the suppliers equipments. SOLEN also make servicing, maintenance and rental of material over the entire France.

After having consolidated its position as one of the key player for reducing the CO2 emissions, the SOLEN focus is to become in 5 years one of the leader to supply, long-terme, the most suitable and reliable market needs range.

We are very pleased to announce that the PRESONA brand will and complete the range to achieve this goal.

Presona welcomes SOLEN in the Presona Family!

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